Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Jamz

This is not a post about songs that are about summer or songs that remind me of summer in any way. My taste in music is season independent. This is mostly a post of music I will soon associate with summer.

Here are some ideas I associate with summer: not going to school, staying up late, driving, not wearing a shirt, drinking beer, going to work, walking, blinding sunlight, cutoffs, getting ignored by women, riding my bicycle, going to the beach and remembering I don't care about the ocean, sleeping naked, listening to my ipod while going somewhere by myself, sitting on the diving board in my parents' backyard, and that's it.

00:00 NPTO - Whatever Brains
03:10 Kaspar Hauser Lied - Glocca Morra
05:40 Sass - Slam Dunk
10:04 Get Us Here - For Serious This Time
13:15 Sea Babies - Beat Happening
15:52 No Safe - Fat History Month
17:34 S'okay - Love of Everything
20:15 Harness Your Hopes - Pavement
23:40 Way to be Tall - By Surprise
26:53 Pets - Pile
31:09 Paper R.T. - Big Soda
32:45 Red Bullgirls - Sneeze
35:20 Vice City - Summer Vacation
37:05 The Kids are Fucking Brilliant - The Max Levine Ensemble
39:13 Great Plans - Mike Huguenor
40:34 Not a Care in the World - Beat Happening
44:14 Catchin' the Vibe - Quasimoto
46:56 A Turreted Berg - My Disco
51:06 Drive Through Rainbow - Love of Everything

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