Sunday, November 25, 2012

NAH - tapefuck

tapefuck cover art

Genre: hip hop, noise, electronic music that nobody would ever dance to
Sounds like: Death Grips, 1994!

A few weeks ago my coworker asked me what kind of music I like to listen to. How the fuck am I supposed to answer that question? Do I tell him I like bands like Nah? "Oh yeah there's this great new EP thing I've been listening to called tapefuck, it kinda sounds like hip hop except there are more gross garbage disposal sounds." Reasonable people don't like listening to garbage disposals, especially when it sounds like they're grinding up old circuit bent Casio keyboards. Anyways I just told him I liked "punk," he told me he never heard of it, and we both reached an unspoken agreement to never talk about music again.

Sometimes I wonder if albums like tapefuck are slowing causing me to go insane. This music can't be good for me, like watching too much weird porn or staring directly at the sun. I'm going to think that this is what pop music is supposed to sound like. I will stare uncomprehendingly as a man plays an acoustic guitar. The concept of a piano will be completely unfathomable. Doctors will be forced to take out a chunk of my brain with an ice cream scoop like in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. I will bond with my friends and coworkers again. I will sleep well at night. I will look up music on Youtube that I heard in a television commercial. I will recognize songs on the radio. I will buy many different types of shoes to match the different types of outfits that I own. Nah will still exist for me, but far away, as if from a dream.