Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cyrus Fell Down - Radar

Genre: Math Rock
Sounds like: Born Ruffians, Maps & Atlases, Swims, Dianogah

Oh baby I think this puppy is really taking off. Now that we've got a couple more contributors to this site I'm gonna have to start actually updating in order to maintain my place at the top of the HHH hierarchy. Yes I'm already taking liberties with acronym-ing my OUR own blog name. And yes I'm still making up my own words, or verb-ifying nouns. Whatever. This is a band from Seattle that basically sounds like a really nutty version of Maps & Atlases. I'm pretty sure they're weird dudes, which I'm basing solely off of their haircuts in the video I'm posting below. Imagine if all of the nice catchy M&A melodies had twice as many song "parts" packed into each song and you'll get close. I happen to really like the singers voice too, really high pitched and he definitely puts himself into it. Above all else though, the bass on this album really stands out. I tend to shy away from fretboard tapping (ESPECIALLY bass fretboard tapping) because it's a little played out, however this guy does it really tastefully. Awesome bass lines that sound like they'll just go on forever with tons of good low end mixed with melodic little counterparts. In most other bands I would mention something about the great guitar playing too, however I'm just obsessed with this guys bass playing skills. Seriously, bass. Bass.

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