Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kevin Greenspon – Paradise A.D.

Some people say the things in a person’s room are an accurate predictor of their personality. Others say you can tell a lot about someone by what they pack in their suitcase. Or by the type of cereal they buy. The problem with all of these sayings is that they only provide insight into what somebody takes from the world, but not what they bring into it. They’re never about what somebody creates. The things we create are like projections of images and ideas from the mind; projections that aren’t limited by the confines of words. For that reason, looking at what somebody produces can provide more insight into who a person really is.

This is particularly true for Kevin Greenspon. I’ve only known Kevin for about a year, but I feel like I’ve known him longer because I’ve been a fan of his music for a few years. While others hide behind pseudonyms, Kevin performs candidly under his own name and produces some of the most honest and heartfelt music under the experimental music umbrella. His music has a heart that’s bursting with sentiment; a heart that generates movement as if the whole could not function in its absence. It has a mind that’s tactful; conveying thoughtful messages while well-aware that time is finite. And his music has a soul that allow his songs to stay with you long after you’ve finished listening. Kevin brings all of these components together to provide the most important thing missing from most experimental music: the human element. And it’s this human element that binds the creator with the creation, as if they were looking at each other through a mirror.

Note: Paradise A.D. is a fantastic collection of new and previously released music. Pick up a copy here and get to know Kevin Greenspon. Kevin and I also have a split out on Goldtimers. This is a really special release for me since Kevin’s music has been incredibly influential on my own.

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